Tips and Tricks for Microsoft Word

By | 26th March 2015

Microsoft Word Tips and TricksMicrosoft Word Tips and Tricks

The following list of keyboard shortcuts has been compiled over decades of training Microsoft Word in commercial situations. It is by no means exhaustive, but these are keyboard shortcuts I use myself on almost a daily basis. Many of these I have learnt from my students, as there are a lot of very old keyboard shortcut techniques that go right back to the early days of word processing, even before Word even existed.

Back in the 1960’s and 1970’s the software for typing included Word Perfect, Lotus Ami Pro and Word Star – programmes I have never used, but some of their shortcuts have been retained in Word.

Page Setup Keyboard Shortcut

To quickly open page setup…

  • Double Click the grey area of either ruler

Keep two words together

Insert a non-breaking space, (to keep names together, for example)…

  • use CTRL + SHIFT + Space instead of a normal space between words, (the two words will now stay together regardless)

Add a blank line

Insert a line break, (rather than start a new paragraph)…

  • use SHIFT + RETURN, (this is useful in bulleted and numbered lists where you need to preserve a sequence – it also works in HTML)

Change case

To quickly ‘toggle’ text case…

  • select the text to be changed
  • press SHIFT + F3
  • repeat to cycle through the possible permutations

Change the size of the font

To quickly increase or decrease point size…

  • select the text to be changed
  • press CTRL + SHIFT + > to increase size or…
  • press CTRL + SHIFT + < to decrease size

Reset Formatting

Reset font formatting back to the previous style…

  • select the relevant text
  • press CTRL + SPACE

Set Double Line Spacing

To set double line spacing in Word…

  • press CTRL + 2

Reset Paragraph Formatting

To reset paragraph formatting, (e.g. indents, line spacing and justification)…

  • Click anywhere in the paragraph to be reset
  • press CTRL + Q

Eliminate Those Red Wavy Lines

Stop the red wavy line appearing under incorrectly spelled words…

  • select the Tools menu and Options (File tab, Option, Proofing in 2007 and later versions)
  • select the ‘Spelling & Grammar’ tab
  • de-select the option to ‘Check spelling as you type’

Turn Off Spell Checking

To stop using automatic spell check or grammar check for a section of text, (e.g. one containing technical terms or place names)…

  • select the relevant text
  • select the Tools menu and Language (File tab, Option, Proofing in 2007 and later versions)
  • select Set Language
  • now check the option to ‘Do not check spelling or grammar’

Add a Copyright © Symbol

To insert a copyright symbol…

  • type ‘(‘ then ‘C’ then ‘)’
  • Type Alt + 0169 © – this keyboard shortcut will ONLY work if you use the numeric keypad, and incidentally, it also works in Photoshop…

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