Microsoft Office TrainingThe expensive problem…

Every day, in workplaces all round the world, thousands of people struggle to cope with software they have never been taught how to use, including the Microsoft Office suite. It isn’t anyone in particular’s fault, often it has just happened that way.

Many people inherit material from the person who did the job before them, others pick up bits of information from colleagues and even more execute simple tasks in a laborious and time-consuming manner simply because they don’t know any other way. Or they resort to YouTube, where some of the content is excellent – but some isn’t…

And there are just so many videos on Microsoft Office training – how do you know which ones to watch?

 Lack of Microsoft Office Training leads to frustrationA lack of training can lead to frustration

How does this make the poor employees feel?

Frustrated and undervalued.

And what does it do for their organisation?

It makes it slow, makes it less competitive, increases staff turnover.

But we have a solution to your Office Training needs…

And yet the answer is so simple – hire a trainer! Of course you want someone who knows their subject, and someone who is trained to train other people. Most of all, you want someone who will deliver a cost-effective solution to the problem so that production improves and efficiency increases.

The effect of implementing a structured Microsoft Office Training program can be dramatic, both on staff morale and on organisational efficiency. Motivation will become greater, working practices will become more streamlined, staff turnover will be reduced and your organisation will acquire a reputation for positive development which will make it more attractive to prospective employees.

Online Training Courses

Jobs will get done more quickly and more accurately, and the “upward spiral” will become infectious. But don’t take our word for it, see what our clients have said about the positive impact professional training can have on an organisation here:

Recent comments from our delegates:

Just wanted to say the Microsoft Office Training was great yesterday and we really enjoyed it, thank you to all involved.

David was very helpful, keen and informative (as well as patient!) so please pass on our thanks to him and we’ll definitely be in touch again to book Advanced training for those of us brave enough!

Vicky CGL

You know, I have been on many Excel course at Barclays but this one was different because it was fun. I will be able to use each and every single thing you have shown me in my job, so thank you so much.

Noreen Centrica Energy

Very Instructive course. This will enable me to save a lot of time, do things better and more accurately and probably allow us to do other analysis we’ve never thought of.

Jeremy Lockett

Very good in all. Delivered at the right level with examples I can use straight away. Will save time and energy with the techniques I have learned. David was patient, very knowledgeable, flexible and friendly.


Thank you so much, you have saved me so much time. You have really helped me, because every month I have to send a report including a chart by email so what you have just shown us will save me hours.


And the Net Result is…

A better business!

Microsoft Office is one of the world’s best-loved software suites, but very few people use more than a fraction of it’s features. Increasingly, however, companies are demanding that their staff are capable of using sophisticated tools to prepare presentations, to produce analysis and reports and to track projects.

Our instructor-led Microsoft Office training can make that process as painless as possible for those involved, and represent a very cost-effective solution for almost any business that uses IT in the workplace.

We also have an e Learning platform, our Microsoft Office Training School, where there are hundreds of tutorial videos that provide basic Microsoft Office training on all the popular Office software – Microsoft Office Access, Excel, Microsoft Word Courses, Outlook, PowerPoint and Visio – most with practice files provided for self study – right up to Advanced level.

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