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By | 30th March 2015

When it comes to printing in Word there are lots of options, but the most common is to print one copy of the entire document. This is the option most people go for when printing Word documents, and I would guess that it has single-handedly contributed to global warming more than anything else in the office (except PowerPoint perhaps)…

We have all done it – hit Print and off it goes. It is only when you see the pile of paper spilling all over the floor that the penny drops and you realize that you have gone through a whole box of A4…

You can print over 32,000 copies of a document when you are printing in Word (but you may want to visit the Caribbean while they are printing!)

So how do you make sure that you print only what you want?

How to Print Only What You Want

1.  With your document open and ready for printing in Word, click on the Office button in Microsoft Word 2007 or the File tab in 2010 and 2013 and then click the Print command, or press Ctrl + P

The Print dialogue box will be displayed:

Print Only What You Want

How to Print Part of a Page

2. To print only what you want, under the Page range options, choose the parts of the document that you would like to print

Printing Word Documents

3. To make sure you only print the right number of copies, under the copies option, either type in the number of copies you would like to print in the Number of copies: box, or use the spinners to increase and decrease the number of copies. If there are a lot required and you want them to retain the same order when printing Word documents you can click “Collate” to enable this option.

4. If you are on a network and want to change to a different printer, select the one you want from the Name box. When you are printing Word documents you can also search for a printer from the network by clicking the Find Printer button.

5. To change the individual settings of the printer you are sending your document to, click the Properties button

6. Click on the OK button

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