Word Introduction course content

Microsoft Office Word Introduction

Microsoft Office WordInstructor-led Microsoft Word 2010 course outline


Intended audience:

1 day

Anyone who wishes to learn the world’s most popular word-processing software to create original documents


To provide delegates with first-hand experience of creating and editing documents by using Microsoft Word 2010


By the end of the session delegates will:

  • Be able to create a new document and save it
  • Be able to open an existing document and edit it
  • Be able to apply text and paragraph formatting
  • Be able to add graphical elements to a document
  • Be able to print accurately


A basic understanding of a PC and the ability to use keyboard and mouse

The Microsoft Word Interface

The File Tab & Backstage view

Tabs, Groups & Dialog box launcher

Starting to use Microsoft Word

Using a Word document

Opening and closing documents

Save and Save As

Using Help

Text formatting

Font type, colour and size

Bold, italic or underline

Subscript and superscript

Changing Case

Copying text formatting

Manipulating text

Selecting text

Inserting, deleting, undo and redo

Copying and Moving (cutting) text

Paragraph formatting

Paragraph marks

Aligning text

Paragraph spacing options

Bulleted and numbered lists

Borders and shading

Finding and replacing text

The Navigation pane

Tab stops


Applying styles to a word, line or a paragraph

Page formatting

Page orientation and paper size

Page margins and breaks

Headers and footers


Inserting a table

Navigating within a table

Inserting and deleting rows and columns

Cell border width, colour and style


Inserting Pictures, Clip Art & SmartArt

Multiple documents

Switching between open documents

Comparing documents side by side

Proofing and printing

Spell checking a document

Using built-in custom dictionaries

Previewing and printing a document

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