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Microsoft Visio 2010 Advanced

Microsoft Visio AdvancedInstructor-led Microsoft Visio Advanced course outline


Intended audience:

1 day

Anyone who is comfortable and familiar with using Visio at basic level and wants to expand their knowledge


To enlarge on an Introduction level of Microsoft Visio knowledge by the use of worked examples


By the end of the session delegates will be able to:·

  • Create a custom shape and stencil
  • Create and use a Visio template
  • Understand and be able to use layers
  • Run the Org Chart wizard
  • Link a diagram to a data source
  • Import data into Visio from Project
  • Convert a Visio drawing to another format


A good knowledge of Visio at Introduction Level

Microsoft Visio is one of the least-used components of Microsoft Office but it is one of the most powerful and, I believe, the most versatile. The basic functions of creating very slick diagrams on-the-fly are what Visio is used for most often, but there is a whole world of functionality beyond being able to create a flow chart and this Visio training course aims to explore some of it.

In later versions of Visio the dynamic capabilities of Microsoft Visio have been expanded, and now it is possible to link the diagram to a data source, often an Excel workbook, so that as the data changes the diagram alters to reflect those changes. This has far-reaching implications for business use; it is now possible to link a drawing to reflect performance, KPIs, sales, profit – any one of the standard metrics.

Administrators and HR professionals often resort to Microsoft Visio for generating Organisation Charts dynamically from stored data. Having tried to accomplish the same task in PowerPoint I can honestly say that I am a big fan of Visio!

IT Professionals turn to Visio to create network diagrams, server configuration diagrams and site-wide link diagrams, and these can be turned into a record of hardware to make them even more useful.

Microsoft Visio Advanced Course Outline

Creating a Custom Shape

Draw Basic Shapes

Enhance Basic Shapes

Designing a Custom Stencil

Create a Custom Stencil

Customize a Stencil Master

Designing Styles and Templates

Define a New Style

Create a Template

Designing a Floor Plan

Create an Office Layout

Creating Layers in Visio

Representing External Data in Visio

Generate a PivotDiagram

Create an Organization Chart from External Data

Import Project Plan Data into Visio

Link to a Database

Import Excel Data

Sharing Your Drawings

Link a Visio Drawing to Other Applications

Convert a Visio Drawing to Other File Formats

Print a Visio Drawing

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