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Introduction to Microsoft Office Outlook 2010

Microsoft Office OutlookInstructor-led Outlook 2010 Introduction Outline


Intended audience:

1 day

Anyone who uses or needs to start using Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 as part of their job


To familiarise delegates with the Outlook 2010 interface and demonstrate using the software by worked examples


By the end of the session delegates will:

  • Be able to send and receive email
  • Be able to create folders and sub folders
  • Be able to create appointments and events
  • Be able to create a basic task and mark progress
  • Understand how to print and preview for printing


The ability to use the keyboard and mouse in a Windows environment

In this Intro to Outlook 2010 course we will cover the following topics:

Exploring Microsoft Office Outlook

Customising Outlook

Outlook today

Working with personal folders

Using Help

Working with the organise page

Microsoft Office Outlook Email

Handling and sending messages

Managing Email

Working with signatures

Printing messages

Voting Buttons

Microsoft Office Outlook Contacts

Working with contacts

Managing Contacts

Using address books

Working with the master category list

Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 Training


Working with tasks

Assigning tasks to others


Managing Appointments and Events

Working with appointments

Modifying appointments

Working with events

Managing Meetings

Working with meeting requests

Managing meeting requests

Handling meeting responses

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