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Microsoft Office Outlook Intermediate

Microsoft Office Outlook 2010Instructor-led Outlook 2010 Intermediate Outline


Intended audience:

1 day

Anyone who uses Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 as part of their job and wants to further their knowledge


To familiarise delegates with the Outlook 2010 interface and demonstrate using the software by worked examples


By the end of the session delegates will:

  • Be able to customise Outlook 2010
  • Be able to create and manage rules
  • Be aware of security issues
  • Be able to clean-up and deal with junk mail
  • Understand how to collaborate with colleagues


The ability to use the keyboard and mouse in a Windows environment

Customising Outlook 2010

Customizing the Outlook bar

Customizing the Outlook environment

Handling Outlook messages

Organizing the Microsoft Outlook inbox

Rules wizard

Cleaning your Outlook 2010 mailbox

Alternate email methods

Integrating Outlook

Integrating Outlook components

Importing and exporting data

Creating Office documents from Outlook

Newsgroups and Email security

Working with newsgroups


The Microsoft Outlook interface is organised in such a way that users can easily find their email, get access to their calendar, find and modify tasks and generally find their way around quickly. If it does not suit the way you work, however, it is easy to customise the Microsoft Outlook screen until you find a version that suits you. These are covered as part of the Intermediate Outlook Skills included in this course.

Working with Templates and Forms

Stationery and templates

Customizing forms

Working with Outlook Folders

Using Notes

Using the Journal

Using the Calendar

Working with Contacts

Using Folders to share information

Working with public folders

Sharing your Microsoft Outlook folders

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