Excel Introduction course content

Introduction to Microsoft Excel

Excel 2010 IntroductionInstructor-led Excel 2010 Introduction Outline


Intended audience:

1 day

Anyone who uses Excel or needs to start, or anyone who wants to cover the basics for the 2010 version


To familiarise delegates with the Excel 2010 interface and demonstrate using the software by worked examples


By the end of the session delegates will:

  • Understand the Excel 2010 interface
  • Be able to use basic formulas and functions
  • Be familiar with formatting numbers, text and dates
  • Be able to create a basic spreadsheet from scratch
  • Understand how to print, preview and select cells for printing


The ability to use the keyboard and mouse in a Windows environment

The Interface

A quick tour of the 2010 interface

The scale of Excel

The Ribbon and QAT

Showing below the ribbon

Minimising the ribbon

Split bars

Views and zooming

Introduction to Excel

Spreadsheet terminology

Moving around the workbook

Inserting & Deleting Rows and Columns

Resizing Rows and Columns

Inserting & Deleting worksheets

Entering Data

How Excel treats cells

Entering numbers

Entering text

Entering dates

The Fill handle

Quick ways to repeat data

Editing Data

Changing value

Formatting data

Cell references


Formatting Text

Formatting Numbers

Horizontal and Vertical Alignment

Cell Borders & Fills

Cell Styles

Copying and deleting Formatting


Creating formulas

Copying and moving formulas

Simple Functions (Sum, Average, Count)

The Order of Calculation

Making references absolute

Naming cells and cell ranges

Consolidation Exercise

A “try it yourself” exercise to make sure all the basics are covered, understood and can be replicated

Saving & Printing

Save & Save As

Saving different File types

Page setup

Adjusting page sizes

Repeating Header rows

Printing a selection

Online Excel Tutorials

We have a number of Video Tutorial on Excel 2007, 2010 and 2013 on our sister site, Excel Tutorial

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