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Microsoft Excel Intermediate

Excel 2010 IntermediateIntermediate Microsoft Excel 2010 Course

Instructor-led Excel 2010 Intermediate Training


Intended audience:

1 day

Regular Excel users who want to expand their knowledge through the use of Intermediate Excel Exercises



To expand on a basic understanding of Excel 2010 including the use of multiple sheets and workbooks, more advanced functions, working with lists and tables and adding charts


Delegates will gain Intermediate Excel Skills, and by the end of the session will:

  • Be able to use multiple worksheets and workbooks
  • Understand logical functions and apply them
  • Create named ranges and use them in formulas
  • Add, modify and format a Chart
  • Move a chart, change the chart type and the source data


A working knowledge of Excel including the order of calculation and absolute references

Refresher on Excel 2010 Basics

Calculations, BODMAS, absolute references

Working with Worksheets


Freezing/unfreezing panes

Splitting and Removing Split panes

Hiding & Unhiding

Creating custom views

Working with multiple sheets

Adding/Removing sheets

Linking between sheets and books

Creating 3D formulas

Editing multiple sheets

Updating/Removing links

Date Functions

Understanding dates in Excel 2010

Formatting dates

=TODAY function

=NOW function

Naming Ranges

Creating and Defining Named Ranges

Using Named Ranges in Formulas

Logical Functions

=IF function

=AND function

=OR function




Formula Auditing Tools

Revealing Formulae

Tracing Precedents/Dependents

Working with Lists

Conditional formatting

Filtering options

Sorting and Sort Options

Custom Filters



Introduction to Tables

Naming a table

Adding Totals

Filtering and Sorting

Structured References

Charts & Graphs

Creating Charts

Editing and Formatting charts

Creating custom chart

Moving a chart

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