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Excel 2010 Advanced

Excel 2010 AdvancedAdvanced Microsoft Excel 2010 Course Outline

Advanced Excel Training for business users


Intended audience:

1 day

Anyone who is comfortable and familiar with using Excel 2010 at intermediate level and wants to expand their knowledge


To enlarge on an Intermediate level of knowledge by the use of worked examples and Advanced Excel Exercises



By the end of the session delegates will be able to:·

  • Consolidate data across multiple sheets and workbooks
  • Use protection for securing data
  • Use nested and lookup functions
  • Applying what if analysis
  • Use templates and pivot tables
  • Record simple macros and assign them


A good knowledge of Excel 2010 at Intermediate Level

Refresher on Excel Intermediate Topics

Data Consolidation

Consolidating from multiple worksheets

Consolidating from multiple workbooks

Workbook and Worksheet Protection

Protecting and Locking Cells

Protecting and unprotecting worksheets

Password protecting

Hiding Formulas

Advanced Logical Functions









Working with Templates

Using Excel built-in templates

Create your own templates

Data Validation

Pivot Tables

Choosing data to Pivot

Editing the layout

Formatting the Pivot Table


Calculated fields

Updating source data


What If Analysis

Scenario Manager

Goal Seek

Data Tables

Installing and Using Solver

Error Trapping Functions




Introduction to Macros

Recording a macro

Absolute and relative macros

Assigning macros

Running and deleting macros

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Workshop very useful as it introduced a lot of new Excel techniques I was not aware of and I also gained a few tips for improvement of some that I was already using.

Heather, WGSM

Presenter really good and the examples were well set up

Tariq, Lions Festivals