How to create a PowerPoint presentation from a Word document

If you have a document already written in Microsoft Word, it is easy to turn it into a PowerPoint presentation. It only takes a few clicks, and as long as the formatting in the original document is correct your presentation will be completed without any further effort from you and in this Microsoft PowerPoint Tutorial I will show you… Read More »

Tips and Tricks for Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word Tips and Tricks The following list of keyboard shortcuts has been compiled over decades of training Microsoft Word in commercial situations. It is by no means exhaustive, but these are keyboard shortcuts I use myself on almost a daily basis. Many of these I have learnt from my students, as there are a lot of very… Read More »

How to Use Goal Seek for What-If Analysis

Excel Training by Netresult Training There are many occasions when you need to know the steps to take to reach a goal you already know. The goal could be an amount, of profit for example, or a percentage. A typical example might be “I need to make 45,00 profit this year. What do I need to change my… Read More »

How to insert a chart in Excel – the lazy man’s way

How to Create a Chart Charts, or other types of graphs, are excellent ways of expressing numerical data in a graphical manner. They are universally understood by anyone and allow everyone to appreciate the meaning of the data even if they have no prior knowledge of the subject. In short, creating a chart in Excel enables everybody to… Read More »

The VLOOKUP function in Plain English

This VLOOKUP tutorial explains in simple terms how the function works, what its strengths are and also what limitations there are in using it to extract data from a range. The “V” in vlookup actually stands for “Vertical” indicating that Excel will search vertically – i.e. down a column – to find a match. There is also a… Read More »

Welcome to our new-look Microsoft-Office-Training website

Hi, and welcome to the all-new Netresult Training website This Microsoft Office Training website is based on a new content management system and is now fully responsive, so you can view it on your iPhone, Android phone, Windows phone or any tablet. This includes all the Android devices, all the Kindle devices and of course, laptops, netbooks and… Read More »