The Slicer Tool in Excel

Using the Slicer Tool for presenting If you use Pivot Tables in your work you will know that they are an excellent resource for presenting large datasets in an easy-to-understand way. I often find myself presenting to groups of people who, in many cases, are not at all familiar with the data I am using. If I glance… Read More »

How to Make an Org Chart in Visio 2010

Importing Data to Create an Org Chart I had a call the other day from a friend of my daughter’s who had been asked to create an organization chart for her  department. She works in an engineering firm in the aerospace industry and has the kind of varied role that so many jobs seem to demand these days. However,… Read More »

Character Spacing in Word

Changing the default character spacing in Word is not something many people know about, or in fact, need. In most Word documents the spacing between characters is correct and there is no need to change the character spacing, but occasionally, you may want to fit more or possibly less text on a line. In typography, the spacing between… Read More »

Using PowerPoint Sections

Dividing your Presentation into PowerPoint Sections Ever since PowerPoint 2010 version you have been able to use a presentation section to divide up your PowerPoint presentation and make it easier to work with. Why would you want to do this? Well, you might have a presentation that you intend to show to different audiences. For example, if you… Read More »

How to Track Changes in Word

Tracking changes in Microsoft Word is one of those topics that gives so many people so much trouble. The Track Changes in Word feature is great for checking what changes other team members are making to a document you are sharing, and if you are the owner of the document, for accepting or rejecting them. The problems start when… Read More »

How to use Flash Fill in Excel 2013

Flash fill Excel 2013 is a new feature that was introduced only in this version. It is a very versatile automatic filling tool that allows you to specify any format for a text field such as a name and automatically apply that format to the rest of the entries in a column. For example, if you have three columns… Read More »

How to Create a Meme in PowerPoint

When you want to learn how to create a meme PowerPoint is probably not going to be the first piece of software you think of. Sure, you can make presentations on it, and you probably already have it installed on your computer, but is it on your list of favourite apps? I’m guessing not. For most of us, when… Read More »

Scenarios in Excel

Excel has a variety of data analysis tools built-in, some of them very sophisticated. One of the easiest to use is a scenario that gives a snapshot of what things would be like if certain conditions were to change. These are particularly useful in financial models or in situations where the effects of the predictions need to be… Read More »

How to Perform a Custom Sort in Excel

How to Sort in Excel It is very easy to perform a custom sort in Excel. You have several options available, but the easiest is probably to click in the column you want to sort and press the Sort A to Z or Sort Z to A button either from the Sort & Filter group on the Home tab or… Read More »

Microsoft Word – Print Only What You Want

When it comes to printing in Word there are lots of options, but the most common is to print one copy of the entire document. This is the option most people go for when printing Word documents, and I would guess that it has single-handedly contributed to global warming more than anything else in the office (except PowerPoint perhaps)…… Read More »