Excel Quick Tips

There are lots of shortcuts available in Microsoft Office, and this list of quick Excel tips contains some that I personally use on a daily basis. Some of these are essential shortcuts for anyone using large volumes of data during their working day such as selection techniques, for example. Many people I train do not know any way… Read More »

Quick Excel Shortcuts

There are lots of quick Excel shortcuts that can make all the difference to your Excel workflow, but some are buried so deep you would never find them unless someone told you about them. I regularly come across long-term Excel users that have never been shown these tips before, and the reaction is always the same – “I… Read More »

How to Make a Pencil Drawing From a Photograph Using Photoshop

A Pencil Drawing or other hand-drawn illustration has a certain timeless appeal and can make your illustration seem more genuine than simply inserting a stock photo, so they are great for spicing up articles and blog posts. Many Hand-Drawn Logos form the basis of brand labels and if you look at drinks labels you will often find a… Read More »

PowerPoint Versus Keynote

I recently delivered some training at a company in London which was in the process of switching over all its laptops from Windows-based Ultrabooks to MacBook Pro laptops. This presented some problems for the staff accustomed to using Windows machines as they then had to try to learn how to do the same things with the Mac OS.… Read More »

How to Add Animation in PowerPoint

There are always people who want to know how to make animations in PowerPoint but are not sure when they should do so. In my experience, one of the most common uses is for the bullet points in a bulleted list. What Is the Difference Between Animation and Transition As It Relates To a Powerpoint Presentation A transition… Read More »

Using the Bcc (Blind Carbon Copy) Feature in Outlook

What does Bcc stand for? The term Bcc stands for “blind carbon copy” which is a way of including someone in an email message without disclosing their identity. This can be useful in several situations where you don’t want the message recipient to know that someone else has been copied in to the email, or in situations where… Read More »

Reply to All in Outlook – how to disable this function

As you know, I work as a Microsoft Certified Trainer providing training and coaching on Microsoft products to companies in the United Kingdom. Some of my work comes via an agency, and one particular agency that I have worked with for many years always e-mails the job requirement to me and other trainers registered with them via a… Read More »

Email signature – How to create signature in Outlook 2013

Adding an Email Signature Email signatures are used in electronic correspondence all over the world and are seen as much more than just a way of identifying the sender. Your email signature is your calling card, a way of introducing yourself, your role, your expertise and your company to someone else. The best email signatures are ones that say… Read More »

Pivot Tables – an Introduction

What is a Pivot Table? Pivot Tables provide an easy and powerful way to analyse large amounts of data. The good news is that in Excel 2013, Pivot Tables have been given a facelift from earlier versions of Excel and are now more accessible and easier to manage than ever. Although they are universally known by this name I… Read More »

Using Timelines in Excel 2013

Inserting a Timeline – a new tool for the Pivot Table What is a Time Line? A timeline in Excel 2013 is a new feature for enhancing Pivot Tables. In the same way as the Slicer tool acts as a visual filter for data, the Time line is a visual filter for dates. It can be used to change the… Read More »