How to Create a Meme in PowerPoint

By | 5th April 2015

When you want to learn how to create a meme PowerPoint is probably not going to be the first piece of software you think of. Sure, you can make presentations on it, and you probably already have it installed on your computer, but is it on your list of favourite apps? I’m guessing not.

For most of us, when you want to create a new meme it involves using one of the many Internet meme generators available, most of them free. The snag with this is that in most cases you have to go with whatever the software dictates in terms of size, layout and in some cases, artwork. Here are some of the popular creators:

How to Create a Meme Using a Generator


Aviary for iPhone

Aviary for Android

You could also use one of the photo and video editing apps around to knock up a meme. Most of these are available on mobiles, so if you have small fingers and lots of patience you could try:



Otherwise, if you have some graphics editing software installed and you fancy taking complete control of the project why not go for it and give one of these a try:



Both of these can produce terrific memes, but you have to a) have the software already, and b) know how to use it. Which brings me neatly to the point of this post – Yes, it’s good old PowerPoint!

How to Create a Meme in PowerPoint

Pretty much anyone with a Windows PC will have this installed, so it will be fairly familiar to you. The screen looks just like Word, or in fact Outlook, so the learning curve shouldn’t be steep. So there’s nothing to buy, nothing to sign up for and nothing that requires a fast Internet connection before it will work.

How to Create a Meme in PowerPoint You need to make sure that the resolution of the image you choose is large enough, so that when the software on Facebook or wherever you upload your meme to re-sizes it it won’t look squashed or have some of the text cut off.
For this reason I suggest that when you create meme in PowerPoint, you stick to a square image and make it bigger than you need. In the tutorial video I suggest a size of 14.58 centimetres square. This is because PowerPoint won’t recognize pixels, so we have to give it a close approximation in centimetres instead.
When you have your image it is time to add it to a container. I use a simple rectangle for this – take it from the Insert tab under Shapes, and resize it to the dimensions given above. You will probably need to crop it to fit, and you may find it necessary to add a fill colour to the parts of the shape that are left blank.
Next, its time for the Headline.
When you create a meme using Powerpoint or any other software this is going to be one of the most important elements, as it is what makes it memorable. Try to keep it short and snappy and inject a bit of humour if you can.
When you are done creating a meme add the “strap line” underneath to complete it. If you want you can include a link back to your blog, Facebook page or wherever. These memes are very popular on Pinterest (hint!)  You have created a meme using PowerPoint, now it is time to save it as an image.

Now that you are done creating a Meme, save it

First group all the elements in the meme. Next, right-click and “Save as Image” – PowerPoint will automatically save it in .png format which supports transparency, so it is ideal for posting on social media. OK, it takes a minute or so when you have got the hang of it but it gives you far more control than a Meme creator free or paid and as long as you have the image and PowerPoint, its free!
To see other examples of how you can create a meme using Powerpoint, check out my blog…


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    1. David Post author

      Hi Gordie,

      There are lots of online resources that you can find pictures for free, but please make sure you are not breaking copyright law if you use them. If you search Google for images use the drop down from Search Tools to open Usage rights and only show pictures that are not restricted. In other words, only choose images that are “labelled for reuse” or “labelled for reuse with modification.”

      Otherwise, you can buy pictures very cheaply. The one I used came from the Dollar Photo Club.


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