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PowerPoint Versus Keynote

I recently delivered some training at a company in London which was in the process of switching over all its laptops from Windows-based Ultrabooks to MacBook Pro laptops. This presented some problems for the staff accustomed to using Windows machines as they then had to try to learn how to do the same things with the Mac OS.… Read More »

How to Add Animation in PowerPoint

There are always people who want to know how to make animations in PowerPoint but are not sure when they should do so. In my experience, one of the most common uses is for the bullet points in a bulleted list. What Is the Difference Between Animation and Transition As It Relates To a Powerpoint Presentation A transition… Read More »

Using PowerPoint Sections

Dividing your Presentation into PowerPoint Sections Ever since PowerPoint 2010 version you have been able to use a presentation section to divide up your PowerPoint presentation and make it easier to work with. Why would you want to do this? Well, you might have a presentation that you intend to show to different audiences. For example, if you… Read More »

How to Create a Meme in PowerPoint

When you want to learn how to create a meme PowerPoint is probably not going to be the first piece of software you think of. Sure, you can make presentations on it, and you probably already have it installed on your computer, but is it on your list of favourite apps? I’m guessing not. For most of us, when… Read More »

How to create a PowerPoint presentation from a Word document

If you have a document already written in Microsoft Word, it is easy to turn it into a PowerPoint presentation. It only takes a few clicks, and as long as the formatting in the original document is correct your presentation will be completed without any further effort from you and in this Microsoft PowerPoint Tutorial I will show you… Read More »