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Using the Bcc (Blind Carbon Copy) Feature in Outlook

What does Bcc stand for? The term Bcc stands for “blind carbon copy” which is a way of including someone in an email message without disclosing their identity. This can be useful in several situations where you don’t want the message recipient to know that someone else has been copied in to the email, or in situations where… Read More »

Reply to All in Outlook – how to disable this function

As you know, I work as a Microsoft Certified Trainer providing training and coaching on Microsoft products to companies in the United Kingdom. Some of my work comes via an agency, and one particular agency that I have worked with for many years always e-mails the job requirement to me and other trainers registered with them via a… Read More »

Email signature – How to create signature in Outlook 2013

Adding an Email Signature Email signatures are used in electronic correspondence all over the world and are seen as much more than just a way of identifying the sender. Your email signature is your calling card, a way of introducing yourself, your role, your expertise and your company to someone else. The best email signatures are ones that say… Read More »