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Excel Quick Tips

There are lots of shortcuts available in Microsoft Office, and this list of quick Excel tips contains some that I personally use on a daily basis. Some of these are essential shortcuts for anyone using large volumes of data during their working day such as selection techniques, for example. Many people I train do not know any way… Read More »

Quick Excel Shortcuts

There are lots of quick Excel shortcuts that can make all the difference to your Excel workflow, but some are buried so deep you would never find them unless someone told you about them. I regularly come across long-term Excel users that have never been shown these tips before, and the reaction is always the same – “I… Read More »

Pivot Tables – an Introduction

What is a Pivot Table? Pivot Tables provide an easy and powerful way to analyse large amounts of data. The good news is that in Excel 2013, Pivot Tables have been given a facelift from earlier versions of Excel and are now more accessible and easier to manage than ever. Although they are universally known by this name I… Read More »

Using Timelines in Excel 2013

Inserting a Timeline – a new tool for the Pivot Table What is a Time Line? A timeline in Excel 2013 is a new feature for enhancing Pivot Tables. In the same way as the Slicer tool acts as a visual filter for data, the Time line is a visual filter for dates. It can be used to change the… Read More »

The Slicer Tool in Excel

Using the Slicer Tool for presenting If you use Pivot Tables in your work you will know that they are an excellent resource for presenting large datasets in an easy-to-understand way. I often find myself presenting to groups of people who, in many cases, are not at all familiar with the data I am using. If I glance… Read More »

How to use Flash Fill in Excel 2013

Flash fill Excel 2013 is a new feature that was introduced only in this version. It is a very versatile automatic filling tool that allows you to specify any format for a text field such as a name and automatically apply that format to the rest of the entries in a column. For example, if you have three columns… Read More »

Scenarios in Excel

Excel has a variety of data analysis tools built-in, some of them very sophisticated. One of the easiest to use is a scenario that gives a snapshot of what things would be like if certain conditions were to change. These are particularly useful in financial models or in situations where the effects of the predictions need to be… Read More »

How to Perform a Custom Sort in Excel

How to Sort in Excel It is very easy to perform a custom sort in Excel. You have several options available, but the easiest is probably to click in the column you want to sort and press the Sort A to Z or Sort Z to A button either from the Sort & Filter group on the Home tab or… Read More »

How to Use Goal Seek for What-If Analysis

Excel Training by Netresult Training There are many occasions when you need to know the steps to take to reach a goal you already know. The goal could be an amount, of profit for example, or a percentage. A typical example might be “I need to make 45,00 profit this year. What do I need to change my… Read More »

How to insert a chart in Excel – the lazy man’s way

How to Create a Chart Charts, or other types of graphs, are excellent ways of expressing numerical data in a graphical manner. They are universally understood by anyone and allow everyone to appreciate the meaning of the data even if they have no prior knowledge of the subject. In short, creating a chart in Excel enables everybody to… Read More »